What Are The Complications Of Endometriosis?

What Are The Complications Of Endometriosis?


Endometriosis is an ailment that leads to the growth of certain tissues that are similar to the lining that grows in the outer region of the uterus. The cause of endometriosis is unknown and this condition can be treated through certain medications or surgery. 

Reduced fertility is one of the key complications that are common among women suffering from endometriosis with other complications as well such as insomnia, and bowel problems. However, infertile women can take the support of services of IVF in North Bengal for conceiving a child

Here are some of the complications that can be faced by an individual suffering from endometriosis. 

1. Fertility issues  

One of the main complications of endometriosis is infertility or reduced fertility. The development of tissues damages the ovaries as well as the fallopian tubes, which makes it harder for the woman to conceive. However, surgery or certain medications can improve the fertility condition by removing the tissues. 

One can also opt for infertility options such as IVF for getting pregnant. It also must be considered that not all women suffering from endometriosis faces fertility issues. 

2. Bowel problems 

If the endometriosis tissues spread to your bowel walls, then it can develop certain bowel or bladder complications. This complication can be extremely difficult to treat and surgery can be the only option sometimes. 

Some of the complications caused by bowel problems are tenesmus, constipation, dyschezia, and diarrhea. Few patients with the disease may also feel bloated after every meal. 

3. Pain 

Endometriosis also comes with the complication of severe pain. Chronic pain can be faced by the patients during sexual intercourse, periods, or urination. However, some patients also face constant pelvic pain that leads to anxiety and depression. 

This complication caused by the disease is mostly felt in the lower back or abdomen which often feels like severe menstrual cramps. Certain therapies and lifestyle improvements can contribute to reducing pain.

4. Ovarian cysts 

Ovarian cysts are structures that are filled with fluid developed in the ovaries. Some women suffering from endometriosis can also have the complications of developing ovarian cysts and adhesions. Adhesions can often join the endometriosis tissues with other organs making it extremely essential to operate otherwise it may lead to infertility.

You can consult best IVF doctor in Siliguriif you’re facing certain infertility issues. Even after treating the ovarian cysts with surgery and medications, it can again develop if the endometriosis comes back. 

5. Insomnia 

Insomnia or disrupted sleeping patterns is another prominent complication of endometriosis that is often associated with the anxiety and pain caused by the disease. The symptoms of frequent urination among the patients can also contribute to developing the complication of full-blown insomnia. 

Some other complications can also be developed in some patients. However, early diagnosis of endometriosis can help in eliminating most of the symptoms. If you are a patient suffering from the disease and having difficulty conceiving then consult with a gynecologist for discovering options regarding IVF in North Bengal. 

Certain lifestyle improvements such as moderate exercising and up-taking proper diet can also help a patient in controlling the complications of endometriosis. You can visit your nearest gynecologist if you’re facing any symptoms of endometriosis so that the required treatment can be provided at the right time. 

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