Common Complications Of Anaemia In An IVF Pregnancy

Common Complications Of Anaemia In An IVF Pregnancy


Anaemia is a health condition in which your blood doesn’t have a sufficient amount of red blood cells. This issue can lead to various distressing symptoms such as dizziness, a fast heartbeat, pale body colour, and tiredness. Iron deficiency supplements and food can manage this condition effectively. 

It is normal to experience mild anaemia during an IVF pregnancy but if this condition becomes severe then it can impact the health condition of the baby as well as the mother. If you experience any symptoms of anaemia after an IVF procedure then you must contact the best test tube baby doctor in Siliguri immediately. 

Given below are some of the common complications that you may experience with anaemia during an IVF pregnancy. 

Low Birth Weight

One of the main complications of anaemia during pregnancy is giving birth to a baby with extremely low weight, which can be below 5 pounds. These babies need immediate treatment and support from the neonatal intensive unit to eliminate the chances of jaundice, infections, low oxygen levels, and breathing issues. 

Premature Birth

Severely anaemic mothers can also experience preterm labour, which can further lead to premature birth. In such cases, the delivery of the baby can happen before the 37th week of the pregnancy. Some of the problems that premature babies may face include trouble breathing, small size, low body temperature, and feeding issues.


Not only premature birth but the chances of stillbirth and miscarriage are also higher among anaemic patients. The high chances of developing fetal malformations and fetal growth restriction associated with anaemia are considered the main reasons behind stillbirth. Contacting an experienced infertility doctor in Siliguri will help you to reduce the risks of stillbirth.

Severe Pregnancy Symptoms 

Experiencing certain symptoms during pregnancy can be common but these symptoms become extremely severe if you’re suffering from anaemia. Some of the common symptoms associated with anaemia that one can face are extreme tiredness, concentration issues, dizziness, and shortness of breath. 

Blood Transfusion

Anaemic women may also go through a blood transfusion procedure after delivery. This is mainly caused due to heavy bleeding, which may worsen the red blood cell levels. If the blood that has been lost during the delivery is not replaced then one can get severely ill. These issues right after the delivery also make the recovery process of the woman slow.

Anaemic Baby

The risks of giving birth to a baby with anaemia are higher if the mother is suffering from the same condition. Some of the signs that can indicate that the baby is anaemic are pale skin colour, swollen tongue, rapid heartbeat, and brittle nails.

Birth Defect 

Another possible complication associated with anaemia during pregnancy is the increased risk of birth defects such as neural tube defects. This risk is more common among anaemic women who have vitamin B12 deficiency. Proper treatment of this deficiency can lead to a successful pregnancy with a healthy baby. 

If you have an anaemic tendency then you must consult a test tube baby doctor in Siliguri. The doctor may prescribe you the best iron supplements and prenatal vitamins which can help you in maintaining the haemoglobin levels in your body for a smooth pregnancy and delivery experience. 

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