A Comprehensive Guide To Varicocele And Its Treatments

A Comprehensive Guide To Varicocele And Its Treatments


A varicocele is a common male gynaecological condition that leads to the enlargement of the veins present in the skin which holds the testicles. These veins are extremely essential for the proper functioning of the reproductive system since they transport all the oxygen-depleted blood from the testicles. 

You need to seek the guidance of a medical professional in case of any symptoms of varicocele. You can also avail of the treatments of IVF in North Bengal if a varicocele is interfering with your fertility rates. The IVF doctor will diagnose your condition and recommend effective surgeries so that you can make your partner pregnant successfully. 

Given below is a brief outline of the early signs, causes, complications, diagnosis, and treatment options. 


In most cases, people suffering from varicocele experience no symptoms. However, when the disorder reaches a progressed stage it may cause certain distressing symptoms, which may include a dull and aching pain in the scrotum. This pain can become more discomforting while sanding for a long time.

Some of the other associated symptoms include the inability to make your partner pregnant, different sizes of the testicles, and the presence of a small lump of mass in one of the testicles. In some cases, you may also witness swelling or shrinking of the testicles.


The exact reason behind developing varicocele is unknown but one of the main contributing factors of it can be the improper functioning of the valves present in the testicular veins. 

Additionally, a varicocele can also happen if the oxygen-depleted blood gets backed up in the veins causing an unwanted enlargement. To determine the main causes of varicocele and its association with infertility you can consult the best infertility specialist in Siliguri. 


There can be various severe health complications if a varicocele is not treated properly. One of the main complications is infertility due to poor testicular health. Varicocele can lead to improper hormone production and testicular growth leading to infertility. 

In some instances, varicocele can also be a major cause of low testosterone, which becomes the main reason behind decreased muscle mass, azoospermia, and reduced sex drive. 


The doctor will first diagnose your condition through physical examination and screening tests to recommend an effective treatment option. During the physical examination, the doctor will use the method of the Valsalva manoeuvre to feel the enlargement in the veins. 

To confirm the diagnosis, blood tests to check hormone levels, semen analysis, and pelvic ultrasound. After analysing the results of these tests, the doctor will also determine the grade of severity of the varicocele. 


If you’re suffering from low-grade varicocele then the doctor will recommend home treatment options, which include applying ice and lifestyle improvements such as avoiding standing for long and wearing tight underwear. 

The doctor can also prescribe Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs to relieve pain. If the varicocele is in advanced grade then surgical methods are the only treatment options. Laparoscopic and Microscopic varicocelectomy are the most common procedures performed by the doctor. 

The infertility rates caused by varicocele will be higher if it is also associated with decreased sperm production and storage. In such cases, the best option to attain the bliss of parenthood is to avail of the treatments of ICSI or IVF in North Bengal. 

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