5 Foods You Should Eat While Trying To Get Pregnant

5 Foods You Should Eat While Trying To Get Pregnant


Conception is one of the crucial steps in getting pregnant and pregnancy is a phase that requires extra nourishment. Therefore, expectant mothers should choose a diet that provides necessary minerals such as calcium, protein, iron and all other essential vitamins. Providing proper nutrition to the body can improve your health and boost fertility.

Certain medical issues can affect fertility, thus, causing complications while trying to conceive. If you experience fertility issues, you might opt for assisted reproductive technology such as IVF and other treatments. Consult experienced IVF doctors in Siliguri to acquire successful pregnancy tips and infertility treatments.

Here is the list of five foods you should include in your diet if you are trying to conceive.

Complex Carbs

Eating complex carbs can balance blood and insulin in your body as it takes longer to digest. They also contain vitamin B, Vitamin E, and fiber that boost fertility. For example, buckwheat has a compound that improves ovulation. Avoid processed foods and replace them with whole grains, leafy vegetables, and fresh fruits.  

Lean Animal Protein

If you are planning to conceive, consider eating protein-rich foods. Chicken, turkey, and beef help supply zinc, iron, and protein to your body. However, remember not to take too much animal protein. Vegetarian or vegan expectant mothers can take plant based protein from beans, tofu, nuts, and seeds. They contain low-calorie and healthy fat that helps to conceive.

Dairy Products

Adding dairy products such as milk, yogurt, and cheese to your diet can improve your reproductive health. Vegan women who are trying to conceive or are pregnant can switch to plant-based diets and seek guidance from dietitian. If you continue to face problems in conceiving despite trying numerous times, then you might consult top IVF doctors in Siliguri.

Fatty Fish

Fatty fish such as salmon, sardines, and herring benefit fertility as they carry high levels of fatty acids. Consuming these fatty acids increases blood flow to the reproductive organs, which may help in regulating reproductive hormones. They are also rich in protein and vitamin D, essential elements that help conceive and during pregnancy.


Berries are rich in antioxidants that protect your cell from aging and getting damaged. Eating blueberries and raspberries is the best for your reproductive health. They also have anti-inflammatory properties that boost fertility in males and females. Berries are also a good source of fiber and vitamin C that help fetal development.  

You can also promote healthy pregnancy by maintaining optimum weight and avoiding alcohol and smoking. You can also intake foods providing omega-3 fatty acids for healthy pregnancy like flax seeds, almonds, pumpkin seeds, and walnuts. If you are concerned about conception, consult top infertility specialists in Siliguri to improve your chances of conceiving.

Apart from a healthy routine and proper diet, age plays a vital role in fertility in both males and females. As women begin to age, their egg quality and production starts declining, and in male, the sperm quality starts degrading. Therefore, it is better to plan a baby before age starts affecting fertility.

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