Male Infertility

Male Infertility

Male Infertility

Male infertility is a health condition in a man that reduces the chances of his partner getting pregnant. When a man is unable to conceive a child despite several unprotected intercourses for a year or longer, it is a sign of male infertility.

Causes of infertility

Several factors result in male infertility. These factors might be biological or environmental.


The inability to produce sperm cells.


The condition where low or poor-quality sperm is produced.

Genetic diseases:

Various genetic conditions such as Klinefeflter’s syndrome, and myotonic dystrophy cause male infertility.


A condition where the veins on the testicles are more extensive than usual, which causes them to overheat, thus affecting the shape or number of sperm.

Unhealthy habits such as alcohol abuse, smoking, and drug usage can cause infertility in men.


Sometimes the tubes through which sperms travel are blocked due to several causes such as infections, surgeries including vasectomy, swelling, and more. When the sperm is unable to leave the body through ejaculation, it results in infertility.

Treatment options:

The treatment of infertility depends on the factors affecting it. Some of these problems can be solved with surgeries and medications. Your doctor can suggest the following options to treat infertility:


Various surgeries to treat infertility in males include vasectomy reversal, varicocelectomy, and sperm retrieval.

Infection treatment:

Antibiotic treatment might help in curing infection in the reproductive tract.

Hormone treatments and medications

Your doctor might suggest hormone replacements or medications in case infertility is caused due to an imbalance in hormonal level.

Assisted reproductive technology (ART):

This treatment involves the retrieval of sperm through normal ejaculation, surgery, or the donor’s sperm, depending on your case and needs. It is then transplanted into the female genital tract or is used to perform IVF or ICSI.

  • How can I reduce the risk of infertility?

    If your infertility is caused due to unhealthy habits, it can be improved by following a healthy lifestyle.   If it is related to other factors, it is best to discuss it with your expert and get more information on infertility-related issues.

  • When should I visit the doctor?

    If you and your partner cannot conceive even after a year or more, then you should consult immediately with your healthcare provider.

  • How can I preserve my fertility?

    Several options to preserve male fertility include sperm banking, testicular sperm extraction, gonadal shielding, and electro or vibratory ejaculation. Consult your fertility expert to know the best option and treatment procedure.

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